Age 26- when I learned I was expecting, I was afraid I didn’t have what it took to be a mom. I did it anyway- and learned I absolutely had what it takes. Some days are hard- but I can do hard things. My boys are well taken care of and immensely loved.

Age 30- I left my office job to work full time as a self-employed vocalist. The goal was to have more control over my schedule in order to be present for my family. I was afraid it wouldn’t work out. I did it anyway. It has. Far beyond my expectation.

Age 31 - when my grandmother made her transition, I just KNEW I wouldn’t make it without her. It’s STILL the hardest thing. I was afraid I would crumble. I’ve braved each day- anyway. One day at a time. I haven’t.

Age 34- when I wanted to release new music. (Roses- available on all platforms https://meaganmcnealonline.com/ 🌹☺️🙏🏾) I was afraid it wouldn’t be well received. I released it anyway. It was.

Each time fear tries to creep in... I see it- put it on notice, and try to remind myself that I have the choice to do whatever “IT” is... even if I’m afraid.

If you’re like me, and could use the reminders, I created the "DO IT AFRAID" Tee to wear on days I need an extra push. They’re available now!